Welcome to the WSO2 Identity Server Documentation!

WSO2 Identity Server is an API-driven open source identity and access management (IAM) product designed to help you build effective customer IAM (CIAM) solutions. It is based on open standards such as SAML, OAuth, and OIDC with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment options. It supports complex IAM requirements given its high extensibility.

Within these pages you will find instructions that will help you understand and try out capabilities such as SSO, identity federation, authentication - be it multi-factor authentication or adaptive authentication, and more. You can also browse through our vast API options available.


Try out login with SSO, MFA, identity federation, and self sign-up

Identity Federation

Enable login using federated identity providers

Access Delegation

Enable secure access delegation to third-party clients using OAuth

Consent Management

Manage user consent when accessing a user’s resources

User Management

Manage users and groups in your tenant organization

User Self-Service

Allow users to manage their own user profiles and accounts


Use ELK-based analytics to monitor authentication and user sessions

Tenant Management

Configure multi-tenancy to optimize resource sharing among users

Claim Management

Manage claims and map them to user attributes

Access Control

Use fine-grained access control when an app accesses user resources