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Other Usages of TCPMon

TCPMon is primarily used for message monitoring. Additionally, TCPMon can also be used for sending requests to web services and as a proxy service.

Send Requests for Web Services

TCPMon can also be used as a request sender for web services. The request SOAP message can be pasted on the send screen and sent directly to the server.

Requests for web services

Use as a Proxy

TCPMon can act as a proxy. To start it in proxy mode, select the Proxy option. When acting as a proxy, TCPMon only needs the listener port to be configured.

TCPMon as a proxy

Advanced Settings

TCPMon can simulate a slow connection, in which case the delay and the bytes to be dropped can be configured. This is useful when testing web services.

TCPMon advanced setting

Also, if HTTP proxy support is required, that can also be set on the Admin screen.