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User Management Errors Event Listener

The UserManagementErrorEventListener (i.e. org.wso2.carbon.user.core.listener.UserManagementErrorEventListener) is a new type of event listener that facilitates additional activities in the event of failures when executing user management scenarios or operations. The relevant caller class for this listener is org.wso2.carbon.user.core.common.AbstractUserManagementErrorListener. This type of event listener is similar to the User Operation Listeners. The registered event listeners of this type are called when there is a failure while doing user management related tasks.


The getExecutionOrderId method returns the order ID of the relevant listener. Additionally, the following methods are exposed by this interface in order to support additional activities in an event of failure.

  • onAuthenticateFailure
  • onAddUserFailure
  • onUpdateCredentialFailure
  • onUpdateCredentialByAdminFailure
  • onDeleteUserFailure
  • onSetUserClaimValueFailure
  • onSetUserClaimValuesFailure
  • onDeleteUserClaimValuesFailure
  • onDeleteUserClaimValueFailure
  • onAddRoleFailure
  • onDeleteRoleFailure
  • onUpdateRoleNameFailure
  • onUpdateUserListOfRoleFailure
  • onUpdateRoleListOfUserFailure
  • onGetUserClaimValueFailure
  • onGetUserClaimValuesFailure
  • onUpdatePermissionsOfRoleFailure
  • onGetUserListFailure


In order to return the order ID of a custom listener, you must override the getExecutionOrderId method. Specify a value greater than 0 for the custom listener as the order ID '0' is reserved for the default listener of WSO2 Identity Server.

For more information about the purpose of each method, see the java docs.