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Managing the Version of a XACML Policy

You can manage the version of a XACML policy using the instructions in this topic.

  1. Sign in. Enter your user name and password to log on to the Management Console .
  2. Navigate to the Main menu to access the Entitlement menu. Click Policy Administration under PAP.
  3. Click Versions next to the policy you require.

    The following information is provided in the resulting screen. - Entitlement Policy Id - This is the name of the policy you created.

    • Entitlement Policy Version - This is the version of the policy. Basically a new version is created for every change made to the policy so you can view and select the relevant version of the policy using the dropdown available.

    • Entitlement Policy Version Created Time - This is a timestamp of when exactly the version of the policy you are viewing was created.

    • Entitlement Policy Version Created User - This indicated which user or tenant created the version of the policy you are viewing.