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About this Release

WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS) 6.1.0 is the latest WSO2 IS release and is the successor of version 6.0.0. WSO2 IS 6.1.0 includes several improvements and new features to strengthen the offerings of the WSO2 IS 6.x.x series.

What's new in WSO2 IS 6.x.x?

The following new features and enhancements (introduced in WSO2 IS 6.0.0) are included in WSO2 IS 6.1.0.

  • Integration with TypingDNA

    TypingDNA is a behavioral biometrics vendor and a pioneer in delivering typing biometrics technology as an API for user-friendly authentication to businesses across cybersecurity, finance, education, and retail. The vendor leverages typing biometrics to provide customers with a seamless, user-friendly, risk-based authentication (RBA) experience to enhance security and fraud detection.

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  • Integration with ELK for identity analytics

    Easy integration with ELK to view login and session-related analytics data.

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  • Multi-attribute login support

    This simplifies user sign-in by allowing users to sign in with their preferred attributes, such as email, phone number, or username, as the login identifier.

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  • Device flow support

    This expands the range of devices an organization can use within their overall solution by including devices with limited user input capabilities (such as smart TVs, which do not have keyboards). With device flow support, users can leverage other devices, such as smartphones, to complete login on a device with limited input.

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  • PBKDF2 hashing for user passwords

    This is a simple cryptographic key derivation function, which is resistant to brute force attacks. PBKDF2 is recommended by NIST, and PBKDF2 is required to achieve FIPS-140 compliance.

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  • Java 17 Runtime compatibility

    Java 17 is the latest LTS release of Java. Premier support of Java 11 is supposed to end in September 2023. WSO2 Identity Server 6.0.0 distribution is compatible with Java 17 runtime.

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  • Authentication SDKs

    SDKs allow you to integrate web or single-page applications easily with WSO2 Identity Server and OpenID Connect while adhering to security best practices. The following SDKs are supported:

  • Passwordless authentication with Magic Link

    Magic Link is a form of passwordless authentication. It allows users to log in by clicking a link sent to their email instead of entering a password.

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  • FIDO attestation validations

    FIDO attestation validations allow you to further validate the FIDO2 authenticator data during the security key registration.

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  • Federated IDP Initiated OIDC Back-Channel Logout

    With OIDC identity federation in the identity server, WSO2 IS acts as a Relying Party (RP) to the federated identity provider. However, currently, there is no mechanism to terminate the sessions and revoke tokens in WSO2 IS (RP) whenever there is a session update on the federated IDP (OP) side.

    The OIDC Back Channel Logout v1.0 spec defines a mechanism for communicating logout requests to all RPs that have established sessions with an OP. This mechanism relies upon direct communication of such requests between OP and RPs bypassing the User-Agent. It imposes new requirements that RPs have a logout endpoint that is reachable by the OP. This feature will enable that capability in WSO2 Identity Server.

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  • Support for rotating symmetric encryption key

    This is an external tool that re-encrypts internal data after rotation of the configured symmetric data encryption key. You can use this tool to re-encrypt the identity and registry databases and other configuration files as user store configurations. Additionally, the tool can sync end-user data that gets generated in the live system with minimum downtime.

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  • Remove the dependency on cookies for OIDC flows when extending the IdP session

    This is a solution to overcome the restrictions (due to third-party cookie limitations by browsers such as Safari) to extend IDP sessions when application and IDP origins differ from each other. This serves as an alternative to passive authentication requests that would no longer work in impacted browsers.

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  • Auto login after self-registration

    In the self-registration flow, the user is asked to re-enter password credentials after the user is verified using email. With this feature, after the user is verified by clicking the verification mail, the user is logged in immediately without having to re-enter credentials.

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  • Enhanced login portal and my account

    Hides UI widgets based on tenant-level account management configuration preferences such as self-registration and account recovery. This dynamically changes the UI elements according to the tenant-level configurations. For example, if self-registration is not enabled for the tenant, the self-registration link is hidden on the login page.

  • reCAPTCHA v3 and invisible reCAPTCHA v2 support

    Improved security against spam and fraudulent activity with an enhanced reCAPTCHA user experience compared to the conventional "I'm not a robot" checkbox.

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WSO2 IS 6.1.0 introduces the following new features and enhancements:

  • Google One Tap authentication

    Enabling seamless authentication with Google on authenticated Google sessions with a single tap. A personalized login button will be there for sign-in/sign-up. This option is enabled via the existing Google authenticator.

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  • Accessibility

    The user authentication and recovery pages are now WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, enhancing the accessibility of WSO2 Identity Server to a broader audience.

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What has changed in WSO2 IS 6.x.x?

If you are moving to WSO2 Identity Server 6.1.0 from a previous version, note that several capabilities that existed previously are now improved in WSO2 IS 6.1.0.

Learn more about upgrading to WSO2 IS 6.1.0 for details.

Beta features

  • React-based console application

    Includes developer and administrator views to manage and maintain the features offered by WSO2 Identity Server. This is an ongoing effort to improve the user experience with the product.

    To try out the React-based console, start WSO2 Identity Server, and access the following URL: https://localhost:9443/console.

  • Tenant-qualified URLs

    Provides the option of switching to tenant-qualified endpoints, which consistently qualifies every URL/endpoint of WSO2 Identity Server with the tenant in a path parameter. This improves flexibility for tenant-wise sharding and branding compared to previous releases.

  • Managing CORS configurations tenant-wise

    The CORS configurations can be made at the application level and enforced at the tenant level.

Removed features

The following features are removed from WSO2 IS 6.0.0 onwards.

  • H2 Console
  • Embedded LDAP user store
  • Carbon metrics
  • Yahoo authenticator
  • reCAPTCHA v2 "I'm not a robot" checkbox

Deprecated features

The following capabilities are deprecated from WSO2 IS 6.0.0 onwards, which means they will be removed in a future release.

  • SCIM 1 inbound provisioning

    Recommendation: Use SCIM 2.0 inbound provisioning

  • SCIM 1 outbound provisioning

    Recommendation: Use SCIM 2.0 outbound provisioning


    Recommendation: Use REST-based APIs

  • Legacy DCR endpoint implementation (/identity/register)

    Recommendation: Use /identity/oauth2/dcr/v1.1

The following capabilities are deprecated from WSO2 IS 6.1.0 onwards, which means they will be removed in a future release.

  • On-prem WSO2 Identity Server Analytics solution (based on WSO2 Streaming Processor)

    Recommendation: ELK-based analytics

Retired features

User-managed access (UMA) will no longer be available out-of-the-box from WSO2 IS 6.1.0 onwards. It will be available as a connector on demand. Learn more.


The Workflow engine available out-of-the-box in WSO2 Identity Server will be made available as a connector in the next release. This connector will be available on demand.

Fixed issues

See the complete list of issues fixed in the latest WSO2 IS 6.1.0 release:

Known issues

For a complete list of open issues related to the WSO2 Identity Server runtime, see WSO2 IS Runtime - Open Issues.