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Export User Profile

Using the export user profile feature in My Account, a JSON file can be downloaded. This file includes the user's personal information, consents, and other claims allowing the user to extract the information that is being is recorded about them in WSO2 IS.


The consent receipts in the userInfo.json file contain the PII controller information as it is, at the time that the receipt is generated. If the PII controller has changed after the receipt was generated, this change will not be reflected in the existing receipts. To get an updated consent receipt that reflects the change, generate a new consent receipt by doing one of the following:

  1. Revoke the consent via My Account and go through the flow that prompts the relevant consent again (i.e., revoke the given consent for an application in WSO2 IS, log out, then log back in. Now approve the consent again. A new consent receipt will be generated for that application consent).

  2. Use the Consent Management REST APIs to revoke the existing consent and add a new consent.

You can export your profile by following the instructions given below.

  1. Access My Account (https://<IS_HOST>:<PORT>/myaccount).
  2. Click the Personal info tab on the side panel.
  3. Under the Export profile sub section, click on the Download as JSON button. All the profile details will be downloaded to your local machine as a JSON file.