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Search for Users

Once you have added a user in the Identity Server, you can search for the user by doing the following.

Use the management console

  1. On the Main > Identity tab in the Management Console, click List under Users and Roles.
  2. Click Users. This link is only visible to users with the Admin role. The following screen appears.

    You can search for users by doing one of the following.

    • Search by Domain

      1. Select the user store that the user store in using the Select Domain dropdown.
      2. Enter the user name of the user and click Search Users. For users to be listed, you must use the exact name of the user, or use a username pattern by including *. For example, if you have a user named Don, you can either search for this user by searching for "Don", or you could search for "D*" to list out all the users with names beginning with D.
      3. The user is displayed in the list.
    • Search by Claim

      1. Select the relevant claim URI from the Select Claim Uri dropdown and enter the claim value in the user name field.
      2. Click on Search Users.

Use the SCIM 2.0 REST API

You can search for users using a SCIM 2.0 REST API request as shown below.


curl -v -k --user [username]:[password] --data '{"schemas": ["urn:ietf:params:scim:api:messages:2.0:SearchRequest"],"attributes": [attribute names],"filter": [filter query],"domain": [domain name],"startIndex": [value],"count": [value]}' --header "Content-Type:application/scim+json"  'https://localhost:9443/scim2/Users/.search'

Below is a sample request and its corresponding response to search for users using SCIM 2.0.

Sample Request

curl -v -k --user admin:admin --data '{"schemas": ["urn:ietf:params:scim:api:messages:2.0:SearchRequest"],"attributes": ["name.familyName", "userName"],"filter":"userName sw ki and name.familyName co ack","domain":"PRIMARY","startIndex": 1,"count": 10}' --header "Content-Type:application/scim+json"  'https://localhost:9443/scim2/Users/.search'

Sample Response