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Passwordless login with Magic Link

Magic Link is a form of passwordless authentication. It allows users to log in by clicking a link sent to their email instead of entering a password.


To configure Magic Link as an authenticator:

  1. On the management console, go to Main > Identity > Service Providers > List.

  2. Click Edit on the service provider.

  3. Expand the Local and Outbound Authentication Configuration section.

  4. For Authentication Type, select the Local Authentication option and then select Magic Link from the list.

  5. Click Update to save the configurations.

Try it out

  1. Access the following sample PickUp application URL:
  2. Click Login, enter your username, and click Continue.
  3. Check your inbox for the magic link email. The email reads as follows: Magic Link email
  4. Open the Magic Link by clicking Sign In on the same browser as your application.


    This is not supported in the private windows of Safari browser.

You will now be logged into the application successfully.