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Get Started with the Management Console

The WSO2 Identity Server Management Console is a web-based user interface. It allows users to interact with a running identity server instance, without having to intervene with any underlying configuration files. The controls in the Management Console are usually self-explanatory. This page provides an overview of the user interface of the management console.


You can access the management console of the WSO2 Identity server at https://<server-host>:<server-port>/carbon. When the server is running in your local setup:


The default credentials for an administrative user is as follows. It is a must that you change this administrator credentials in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/deployment.toml file.

username = admin
password = admin

The following screen depicts the home screen of the management console.

Management Console Home Screen

The main menu items of the console appear in the left hand side of the home screen. Each of these menus carry a list of sub menus. These menus and subsections will navigate you via different configurations and features. The usable features for each sub section will appear in the middle of the screen.

The Management Console provides a list of tools and features that you can use. These are divided among the following menu items.

  • Main menu
  • Monitor menu
  • Configure menu
  • Tools menu


The menus and sub menus of the management console may vary depending on the product version and any additional feature you have installed to provision the server.

The main menu in the Management Console includes the main list of features that the WSO2 Identity Server provides. The main menu is divided into different sections.

Identity section


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Refer to the following topics for instructions to use sub menu items. - Guide: Manage User Operations for configuring users and roles. - Guide: Manage User Roles - Deploy: Configure the Realm for configuring user stores. - Guide: Manage User Attributes for configuring claims.

Entitlement section


Manage section


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Refer to the following topics for instructions to use sub menu items.

Monitor menu

The monitor menu includes a list of features focused on providing logs and statistics related to the Identity Server. For more information on these features and their usage, see the topics on monitoring the Identity Server.


Configure menu

The configure menu is mainly a list of administration features which can help you customize and configure the Identity Server to suit your specific requirements.


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Refer to the following topics for instructions to use sub menu items.


Server Roles are used with Carbon Apps. From WSO2 Identity Server 5.9.0, this feature is not available.

Tools menu

The tools menu includes SAML and XACML tools.