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WSO2 Identity Server Feature Deprecation

Reasons for feature deprecation

Features/APIs in the server can be deprecated for several reasons such as

  • New specification versions have been released
  • Standard alternatives available OOTB
  • Security risks involved

Feature deprecation life-cycle

While deprecated features can still be available and support for existing users, they will not be further enhanced, nor recommended for use. Removal of deprecated capabilities will occur over a deprecation window, in which the feature will undergo several phases in the deprecation life-cycle.


The following terms refer to the different phases of the feature deprecation life cycle.

  1. Planned

    Any feature in the planned phase, will be deprecated and removed in future releases. However, the feature is available for use in the current release.

  2. Deprecated

    In the deprecated phase, we no longer recommend using the feature. While deprecated classes and methods are still available, they are tagged deprecated and are disabled by default in the product, because they will be removed in future releases. This is done to facilitate the phasing-out for any existing user that still uses the deprecated features for their use-cases. It is not recommended to use them for implementing any new use cases/extensions. We encourage you to start upgrading any existing code written using the deprecated features during this phase.

  3. Retired

    At this phase, we decide not to incorporate the feature with new releases. For versions released, until the respective version goes end of license, feature maintenance and security updates will be provided for subscriptions

Support / SLA for deprecated features

Refer EOL dates of a product at WSO2 Product Support Lifecycle.

Contact WSO2 Support for details on this.