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Directory Structure of WSO2 Products

All WSO2 products are built on top of the Carbon platform. The directory structure described below is the structure that is inherited by all Carbon-based WSO2 products. However, note that each product may contain folders and files that are specific to the product, in addition to what is described below.


<IS_HOME> refers to the root folder of the WSO2 product distribution. <PROFILE_HOME> refers to the root directory of other profiles that are shipped as separate runtimes with a product.

Folder Description General Folder Path Folder Path for Profiles
bin Contains various scripts ( .sh & .bat scripts). <IS_HOME>/bin/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE_HOME>/bin/
database Contains the databases. <IS_HOME>/repository/database/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE_HOME>/repository/database/
dbscripts Contains all the database scripts. <IS_HOME>/dbscripts/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE_HOME>/dbscripts/
lib Contains the basic set of libraries required for starting a WSO2 product in standalone mode. <IS_HOME>/lib/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/lib/
repository The repository where services and modules deployed in a WSO2 product are stored. In addition to this, the repository/components directory contains the Carbon runtime and JAR files added by users (such as third party libraries). <IS_HOME>/repository/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE_HOME>/repository/
conf Contains configuration files. <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE_HOME>/conf/
components Contains different components (OSGI bundles, features etc.) that are related to the product. <IS_HOME>/repository/components/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/components/
plugins Contains plugins that are related to the product. <IS_HOME>/repository/components/plugins/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/components/plugins/
patches Contains patches that are issues with the product. <IS_HOME>/patches/ <IS_HOME>/patches/
logs Contains all log files created during execution. <IS_HOME>/repository/logs/ <IS_HOME>/repository/logs/
resources Contains additional resources that may be required, including sample configurations and sample resources. <IS_HOME>/resources/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE_HOME>/wso2/resources/
samples Contains sample services and client applications to demonstrate the functionality and capabilities of WSO2 products. <IS_HOME>/samples/ <IS_HOME>/samples/<PROFILE_HOME>/
tmp Used for storing temporary files,and is pointed to by the system property. <IS_HOME>/tmp/ <IS_HOME>/wso2/<PROFILE_HOME>/tmp/
LICENSE.txt Apache License 2.0 and other relevant licenses under which the WSO2 product is distributed. <IS_HOME>/LICENSE.txt N/A
README.txt This document. <IS_HOME>/README.txt N/A
release-notes.html Release information for the WSO2 product. <IS_HOME>/release-notes.html N/A
wso2 Contains the directories of other profiles that are shipped as separate runtimes. <IS_HOME>/wso2/ N/A