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Customize Authentication Error Messages

WSO2 Identity Server has standard error messages for different authentication errors that are encountered. See Error Codes and Descriptions for more information on the standard error codes and descriptions of those errors. There are three types of custom errors handled here:

  • Invalid credentials
  • Invalid user
  • Account lock


Account lock errors are returned only when account locking is enabled on the server. Refer User Account Locking document to enable account locking.

Add the following properties to the deployment.toml file found in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf folder to enable the authenticator to be able to customize error messages.

showAuthFailureReason = true

The following query parameters are sent to the web application from authentication endpoint.

  • errorCode
  • failedUsername
  • remainingAttempts

The error messages can be customized based on these query parameters in the jsp files as in authenticationendpoint/login.jsp.

If the showAuthFailureReason property is enabled, the user will be redirected to the page with the above mentioned query parameters during the authentication flow.

If you want to show the error message on the login page without redirecting the user to any other page, the following properties can be used to show the authentication error message on the login page.

showAuthFailureReason = true
showAuthFailureReasonOnLoginPage = true