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Carbon Remote User Store Manager

Carbon Remote User Store Manager is a way of using a user store that is already configured in a WSO2 Carbon product.

Consider a scenario where two instances of the WSO2 Identity Server are configured. The first instance (IS1) has a ReadOnlyLDAPUserStoreManager (configured on OpenLDAP) and the second instance (IS2) has JDBCUserStoreManager configured on OracleDB. To expose the users in IS2 to IS1 through the UserStoreManager API, you can call the UserStoreManager admin service operations. WSO2 IS has a standard implementation which uses the admin services. The diagram below illustrates this scenario.

Carbon remote user store manager scenario

Configuring a carbon remote user store manager

To configure a carbon remote user store manager, you can follow the following steps.

  1. Log in to the management console of the the local server (IS1) and click User Stores -> Add in the Main menu.

  2. Fill in the following values in the form as seen below. The image below shows a sample configuration.

    • User Store Manager Class:
    • Domain Name: <desired_secondary_userstore_name>
    • Remote Server Username: <remote_admin_login>
    • Remote Server Password: <remote_admin_password>
    • Remote Server URL(s): https://<remote_sever_url>:<remote_server_port>/services


    Make sure that you insert the same credentials used to invoke the admin services in the remote server and the same remote services URL.

    Add new user store

  3. Update other fields as required (description is give for each property) and click Add.

  4. Import the public certificate of the remote WSO2 Identity Server (IS2) to the primary WSO2 Identity Server's (IS1) truststore (client-truststore.jks) that is in the <IS_HOME>/repository/resources/security directory and restart WSO2 Identity Server.