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Accessing the Analytics Dashboard

Follow the steps below to access the WSO2 IS Analytics Dashboard.


For testing purposes

Follow the steps below to load test data to the system.

  1. Naviagte to the <IS_ANALYTICS_HOME>/samples/sample-clients/is-analytics-client directory on a command prompt.
  2. Run the following command.

    java ant -Dport=7612 -Dhost=

The Analytics Dashboard cannot be viewed using the Internet Explorer 10 and older versions.

  1. Access the WSO2 IS Analytics Portal using the following URL: http://\<HTTPS_IS_ANALYTICS_HOST>: 9643 /portal

  2. Enter the admin as the username and password and click LOGIN.

  3. Click IS Analytics tile.

    The Analytics Dashboard appears with a summary of overall login attempts, local login attempts, and federated login attemts.

    1. Select the duration within which you need to view the statistics using the top duration filter.

      This allows to filter the statistics within a day, week, month, three months, six months, year as well as a custom duration.

    2. Click AUTO-SYNC to syncrhonize the dashboards automatically.

    3. Click bulb icon at the top-right to change the dashboard theme.

    4. Click menu icon at the top-left to view the left navigator.

    5. Click View to open the IS Analytics dashboard. The Security Analytics dashboard is displayed as shown in the example below.

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