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User Management with APIs

WSO2 Identity Server provides the following web services APIs for managing users and roles in the Remote User Management API:

  • RemoteUserStoreManagerService : This service exposes user, user role and claim management functionalities. For instance, if your application needs a user role management function, you can directly integrate with the WSO2 Identity Server instead of dealing with the user store.

  • RemoteClaimManagerService : This service exposes more claim management functionalities such as add, and delete claim mappings.

  • RemoteProfileConfigurationManagerService: This exposes functionality of profile management features such as add, update, delete profile configuration.

  • RemoteAuthorizationManagerService :  This service exposes functionality of handling authorization of users to different resources.

  • UserStoreConfigAdminService: This service exposes user store configuration functionalities such as add, edit, and delete user stores.