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Configuring rsync for Deployment Synchronization

Deployment synchronization can be done using rsync, which is a file copying tool. These changes must be done in the manager node and in the same directory.

  1. Create a file called workers-list.txt that lists all the worker nodes in the deployment. The following is a sample of the file where there are two worker nodes.


    Different nodes are separated by new lines.


        [email protected]:~/setup/
        [email protected]:~/setup/
  2. Create a file to synchronize the <IS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server folders between the manager and all worker nodes.


    You must create your own SSH key and define it as the pem_file . Alternatively, you can use an existing SSH key. Specify the manager_server_dir depending on the location in your local machine. Change the logs.txt file path and the lock location based on where they are located in your machine.

        #delete the lock on exit
        trap 'rm -rf /var/lock/depsync-lock' EXIT 
        mkdir /tmp/carbon-rsync-logs/
        #keep a lock to stop parallel runs
        if mkdir /var/lock/depsync-lock; then
          echo "Locking succeeded" >&2
          echo "Lock failed - exit" >&2
          exit 1
        #get the workers-list.txt
        pushd `dirname $0` > /dev/null
        popd > /dev/null
        echo $SCRIPTPATH
        for x in `cat ${SCRIPTPATH}/workers-list.txt`
        echo ================================================== >> /tmp/carbon-rsync-logs/logs.txt;
        echo Syncing $x;
        rsync --delete -arve "ssh -i  $pem_file -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no" $manager_server_dir $x >> /tmp/carbon-rsync-logs/logs.txt
        echo ================================================== >> /tmp/carbon-rsync-logs/logs.txt;
  3. Create a Cron job that executes the above file every minute for deployment synchronization. Do this by running the following command in your command line.


    You can run the Cron job on one given node (master) at a given time. If you switch it to another node, you must stop the Cron job on the existing node and start a new Cron job on the new node after updating it with the latest files so far .

        *   *  *   *   *     /home/ubuntu/setup/rsync-for-depsync/