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Managing the Version of a XACML Policy

You can manage the version of a XACML policy using the instructions in this topic.

  1. Sign in. Enter your user name and password to log on to the Management Console .
  2. Navigate to the Main menu to access the Entitlement menu. Click Policy Administration under PAP.
  3. Click Versions next to the policy you require.
    managing-a-xacml-policy-version The following information is provided in the resulting screen.

    • Entitlement Policy Id - This is the name of the policy you created.

    • Entitlement Policy Version - This is the version of the policy. Basically a new version is created for every change made to the policy so you can view and select the relevant version of the policy using the dropdown available.

    • Entitlement Policy Version Created Time - This is a timestamp of when exactly the version of the policy you are viewing was created.

    • Entitlement Policy Version Created User - This indicated which user or tenant created the version of the policy you are viewing.