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Cross Protocol Single Logout

WSO2 Identity Server supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for multiple applications that are using different authentication protocols. Just like Single Sign-On, Single Logout (SLO) allows you to logout all apps in the current browser session when one application performs a logout. Although SSO is commonly supported across different protocols, e.g., SAML and OIDC, SLO used to be supported only within the protocol of the application that initiates the logout. WSO2 Identity Server now supports SLO across different protocols.

For example, suppose you have logged in to two applications that use two different authentication protocols (OIDC and SAML) from the same browser using SSO. With cross-protocol logout, when you log out from one of these two applications, you will be automatically logged out from the other application despite the protocol difference. As of now, WSO2 Identity Server supports cross-protocol logout over SAML and OIDC protocols.


In relation to SAML applications, cross-protocol logout is only supported for SAML applications that use backchannel logout.