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User Account Associations API Definition - v1

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Do the following to try out the REST APIs with your local instance of WSO2 Identity Server.

  1. Click on Authorize button and provide desired values for authentication.
  2. Expand the relevant API operation and click the Try It Out button.
  3. Fill in relevant sample values for the input parameters and click Execute. You will receive a sample curl command with the sample values you filled in.
  4. Add a -k header to the curl command and run the curl command on the terminal with a running instance of WSO2 IS.

If you want to try-out the embedded postman collection with "Run in Postman" option, following state is expected in the testing Identity Server.

  1. A user named john, with the password pass123, exists in the tenant carbon.super.
  2. The id value for the local user association john is used for some API calls, which is assumed as UFJJTUFSWS9qb2hu(This value is returned when a GET request is made to /me/associations(or /{user-id}/association) API, once the association between john and admin users are created with the POST request to the /me/associations API).
  3. An IdP with the name ExternalIdP, exists in the tenant carbon.super.
  4. A federated association with a user in the above IdP, exists for the admin user. The id of this association(which is equal to 2e053351-0d69-476e-81df-04a9cfdfb50e in the provided postman samples) is used for some API calls. This id can be retrieved by making a GET request to the /me/federated-association(or /{user-id}/federated-association) API.

Run in Postman