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Username Recovery

The user account recovery feature implemented in the WSO2 Identity Server helps to recover the username of the account if the user has forgotten it. This recovery process is also secured with captcha verification.

The service caller can define any number of claims that should be used in the user details verification. The first claim can be the email address and others can be the required attributes in the user registration such as first name or last name. This is helpful to search for a user if the system accepts multiple accounts with the same email address. Upon the successful verification of the user details, the user account ID is sent to the user by email.For this to be possible, the user needs to fill the details in their respective user profile such as email, first name, last name and any other required attributes.

The instructions below guide you through setting up username recovery with the WSO2 IS.


From 5.3.0 onwards there is a new implementation for identity management features. The steps given below in this document follows the new implemenation, which is the recommended approach for username recovery.

Alternatively, to see steps on how to enable this identity management feature using the old implementation, see Username Recovery documentation in WSO2 IS 5.2.0. The old implementation has been retained within the WSO2 IS pack for backward compatitbility and can still be used if required.

Before you begin

Ensure that the identity listener with the priority=50 is set to false and that the Identity Listeners with priority=95 and priority=97 are set to true by adding the following configuration in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/deployment.toml file.

priority= "50"
enable = false
priority= "95"
enable = true
priority= "97"
enable = true
  1. Enable the email sending configurations of the WSO2 Identity Server as explained here.


    The email template used to send this email notification is the AccountIdRecovery template.

    You can edit and customize the email template. For more information on how to do this, see Customizing Automated Emails.

  2. Start the WSO2 IS server and login to the management console.

  3. Click on Resident found under the Identity Providers section on the Main tab of the management console.

  4. Expand the Account Management Policies tab, then the Account Recovery tab.

  5. Select the Enable Username Recovery checkbox and the Enable Notification Internally Management checkbox.


    The recommended Recovery callback URL regex to use when testing the product is ^https:\/\/localhost:9443\/.*. However, users should modify it to meet their requirements when they deploy the product.

    For more information on the fields seen on this screen, see Account Recovery REST API.



    To enable username recovery with reCaptcha verification, select the Enable reCaptcha for Username Recovery checkbox. For more information, see Configuring reCaptcha for Username recovery.

  6. To enable sending a confirmation email to the user's registered email address after the password reset, select the Notify when Recovery Success checkbox.


    If you are using a Google mail account, note that Google has restricted third-party apps and less secure apps from sending emails by default. Therefore, you need to configure your account to disable this restriction, as WSO2 IS acts as a third-party application when sending emails to confirm user registrations or notification for password reset WSO2 IS.

    Click here for more information.

    Follow the steps given below to enable your Google mail account to provide access to third-party applications.

    1. Navigate to
    2. Click Signing in to Google on the left menu and make sure that the 2-step Verification is disabled or off.
    3. Click Connected apps and sites on the left menu and enable Allow less secure apps.

Try out username recovery

  1. Create a user using the management console. Ensure that the user has login permissions.
  2. Edit the user profile and enter an email address for the user. The email notification for password recovery is sent to the email address given here.
  3. Access the WSO2 Identity Server User Portal.
  4. Click the Forgot Username link.
  5. Enter the required fields and click Submit.


    In case you have enabled username recovery with reCaptcha verification, enter the required fields as specified above and select the recaptcha checkbox as well.


  6. An email notification is sent to the user's email address with the recovered username.

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