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OpenID Connect Dynamic Client Registration

Open ID Connect enables clients (relying party) to verify the identity and obtain profile information of the end user based on the authentication performed by an authorization server, in an interoperable and REST-like manner. Client applications must be registered before they can login end-users with OpenID Connect or receive OAuth 2.0 access tokens. The following section provides information on how an OpenID Connect Relying party can dynamically register with the end user's OpenID provider.

How it works

To register a new client at the authorization server:

  1. Client discovers the client registration endpoint. The registration endpoint URL is discoverable via WebFinger . For more information on discovering the client registration endpoint, see OpenID Connect Discovery .
  2. Client sends an HTTP POST message to the client registration endpoint with client metadata parameters that the client chooses to specify for itself during the registration.
  3. The authorization server assigns a unique client identifier (client ID) and optionally, a client secret.
  4. The authorization server associates the metadata given in the request with the issued client ID.


To view sample requests and responses, see the REST API swagger docs on OAuth2 Dynamic Client Registration .