OAuth Transaction Logs

This section guides you through enabling the logger for OAuth endpoints and is optional.

  1. Add the following event listener to the deployment.toml file found in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/ folder.


    You can disable logging by setting the enable property to false.

    priority= 12
    enable = true
  2. Start WSO2 Identity Server. If the changes have been applied successfully, a new file named transaction.log will be created in the <IS_HOME>/repository/logs/ folder.

Whenever you generate an OAuth token or perform an OAuth token introspection-related operation, the action will be logged in the transaction.log file. Sample log entries are shown below.

OAuth Token Generation Log

[2018-10-17 19:05:35,578] - Type: OAUTH TOKEN | Info: {"expires_in_seconds":3126,"grant_type":"client_credentials","success":true,
"time_taken_in_millis":38,"type":"oauth","issued_time":1539782861654,"user":"[email protected]",

OAuth Introspection Log

[2018-10-17 19:05:48,654] - Type: OAUTH INTROSPECTION | Info: {"expires_in_seconds":3113,"success":true,
"time_taken_in_millis":2,"issued_time":1539782861,"type":"introspection","user":"[email protected]",