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Remote Log Publishing

The Remote Log Publishing feature in WSO2 Identity Server allows organizations to securely transmit and store audit logs on an external server. This capability ensures that critical log data is not only preserved in a secure location but also remains readily accessible for thorough analysis and compliance auditing.

Setting Up Remote Audit Log Publishing

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the WSO2 Identity Server is up and running.
  • Have access to an external log storage solution that is reachable over the network.

Follow the steps below to configure remote log publishing to an external system:

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, go to Server.
  2. Click Remote Log Publishing.
  3. Enter the following details of the remote log publisher and click Update:

    Parameter Description Example Value
    Destination URL The URL of the remote log server.
    Connection Timeout The timeout in milliseconds for connecting to the remote server. 2000
    Verify Hostname Whether to verify the remote server's hostname against its SSL certificate. true or false
    Remote Server Username The username for basic authentication with the remote server. admin
    Remote Server Password The password for basic authentication with the remote server. admin_password
    Keystore Location The file path to the keystore for SSL connections. /etc/identity/keystore.jks
    Keystore Password The password for the keystore. keystore_password
    Truststore Location The file path to the truststore for SSL connections. /etc/identity/truststore.jks
    Truststore Password The password for the truststore. truststore_password


  • After the configurations are set, generate test log events to ensure that the logs are being successfully published to the external system.

  • Secure the transmission of logs by utilizing HTTPS and other security mechanisms to protect the data in transit.

  • If any issues arise with remote log publishing, check the network connectivity, verify the configurations, and ensure the external log service is operational.