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Add Email OTP login

Email OTP is a form of passwordless authentication. It allows users to log in by providing a one-time passcode sent to their email instead of entering a password.


Enable Email OTP login for an app

Follow the steps given below to add Email OTP login to the login flow of your application.

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, go to Applications.

  2. Select the application to which you wish to add email OTP login.

  3. Go to the Login Flow tab of the application and add email OTP login as follows:

    1. Go to Predefined Flows > Basic Flows > Add Passwordless login.

    2. Select Email OTP.

    3. Click Confirm to add passwordless login with email OTP to the sign-in flow.

      Configuring magic link login in WSO2 Identity Server using the Visual Editor

  4. Click Update to save your changes.

Try it out

Follow the steps given below.

  1. Access the application URL.
  2. Click Login to open the WSO2 Identity Server login page.
  3. On the WSO2 Identity Server login page, enter your username and press Continue.

    Sign In with email OTP in WSO2 Identity Server

    You will be redirected to the below email OTP page.

    Email OTP submit page

  4. Check your inbox for the email containing the one-time passcode. The email reads as follows.

    Email OTP email

  5. Enter the received passcode in the email OTP page and click on Continue.