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Enable organization-level outbound provisioning

Organization-level outbound provisioning lets you provision a user in an outbound connector when,

  • a user is provisioned in WSO2 Identity Server over an API.
  • an administrator onboards a user from the WSO2 Identity Server Console.
  • a user self signs up from a WSO2 Identity Server login page.
  • a user is JIT provisioned in WSO2 Identity Server.

Follow the guides below to learn how to configure outbound provisioning at the organization level.

Configure a connection

Follow the steps below to create a custom connection and configure an outbound connector in it.

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, click Connections and click New Connection.

  2. Click Create Connection and select Custom Connector.

  3. Provide a name and a description for the connector and click Finish.

  4. On the Outbound provisioning tab of the created connection, select New Connector.

  5. Configure the outbound connector of your choice and click Finish.


    WSO2 Identity Server supports the following outbound connectors. Learn how to configure the connector of your choice by following the relevant guide.

  6. Switch on the toggle to enable the configured outbound connector.

    Enable outbound provisioner

  7. Click Update to save the changes.

Configure the resident application

Follow the steps below to configure the resident application in WSO2 Identity Server to enable outbound provisioning.

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, click Login & Registration.

  2. Go to Provisioning Settings > Outbound Provisioning Configuration and click New Provisioner.

  3. Select the connection in which you have configured outbound provisioning as the Connection and the relevant outbound connector as the Provisioning Connector.


    You can select Blocking to make the user onboarding process synchronous with the outbound provisioning process. If selected, WSO2 Identity Server waits for the response from the outbound connector before proceeding with the user creation.

    Configure the resident identity outbound provisioner

  4. Click Finish.

Try it out

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, do one of the following.


    Onboarding a user with any of the above methods automatically triggers outbound provisioning in the configured outbound connector.

  2. Delete the user. The user will be removed from the outbound connector.