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Self registration

Enable users to self-register and create their own accounts within the organization on WSO2 Identity Server.

Configuration instructions

To set up self-registration, follow these steps:

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, go to Login & Registration > User Onboarding > Self Registration.
  2. Toggle the switch to enable self-registration.
  3. Configure the additional settings such as account verification, auto-login, and notification emails as needed.
  4. Click Update to save the changes.

Self Registration Configuration


Parameter Description
Account Verification When enabled, requires users to verify their accounts as part of registration.
Account verification link expiry time Time in minutes until the account verification link expires.
Activate account immediately If selected, the new account is activated immediately after registration without waiting for account confirmation.
Enable auto login If selected, the user will be automatically logged in after registration.
Send sign up confirmation email A confirmation email is sent upon successful self-registration if this option is enabled.