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Web Analytics Solutions

Web Analytics is used for the purpose of identifying the way users interact with web pages. WSO2 Identity Server supports the integration of both Google Analytics and Mixpanel. Getting the Identity Service to fire events at different pages is easy enough. You can choose to enable either or both of the analytics services.

Setting up web analytics

  1. Download the samples-is repository and extract its content.

  2. Open the config.jsp file in the analytics-extensions directory and replace the relevant token string of the analytics service that needs to be enabled.

    1. Get a Google Analytics token.

      1. Create a Google Analytics project.
      2. Go to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.
      3. Look for the token of your project inside, gtag('config', '<TOKEN>');.
    2. Get a Mixpanel token.

      1. Create a Mixpanel project.
      2. Go to Settings > Set up Mixpanel.
      3. Look for the token of your project inside, mixpanel.init("<TOKEN>");.
  3. Replace the following files inside the <IS_HOME> directory with the respective files in the analytics-extensions directory.

    Original file File to replace

  4. Copy the analytics.jsp and config.jsp files inside the analytics-extensions directory to both the authenticationendpoint/include and accountrecoveryendpoint/include directories in the <IS_HOME> directory.

  5. Run WSO2 Identity Server instance in the usual way and the analytics events will be fired when the users access the relevant web pages.

Types of analytic events

The following events are captured after enabling the analytics integration in the WSO2 Identity Server.

Event name Description
wso2_generic_event A generic type of event that will be fired unless the event belongs to one of the types below.
wso2_error An error has occurred.
wso2_login The login page has been visited.
wso2_login_failure Login has failed.
wso2_sign_up_username Self sign up username page has been visited.
wso2_sign_up_details Self sign up user detail collection page has been visited.
wso2_sign_up_request_complete A request for a self sign up has been completed.
wso2_sign_up_process_complete A sign up flow has been completed including the confirmation.
wso2_username_recovery Username recovery page has been visited.
wso2_password_recovery Password recovery page has been visited.
wso2_recovery_request_complete Request for a username/password recovery is complete.
wso2_password_recovery_reset Password reset page has been visited.
wso2_password_recovery_complete A password recovery flow has been successfully completed.
wso2_privacy_policy Privacy policy page has been visited.
wso2_cookie_policy Cookie policy page has been visited.

View analytics

You can view the analytics events for your application through the Google Analytics and Mixpanel dashboards.

Google Analytics