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Passkey Progressive Enrollment

This method of adaptive authentication is specifically designed for applications that have set up Passkey as a login option and have enabled passkey progressive enrollment so that users may enroll passkeys at the moment they log in to an application.


Learn how to enable passkeys and passkey progressive enrollment in Add Passkey login.

Follow the guide below to learn about the adaptive script smoothly transition users using other methods of authentication to use passkeys as their primary authentication method.

Configure the login flow

The script is designed to execute during the authentication flow. When a user initiates passkey enrollment, the system prompts the user to log in with one of the other configured first-factor authentication methods. After successfully logging in, the user is guided through the passkey enrollment. To enable conditional authentication:

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, click Applications.

  2. Select the relevant application and go to its Login Flow tab.

  3. Add the passkey progressive enrollment based adaptive script as follows.

    1. Go to Predefined Flows > Conditional Login Flows.

    2. Click Passkey Enrollment > Passkey Progressive Enrollment > ADD.

    3. Click Confirm to replace any existing script with the selected predefined script.

    4. Enable the Conditional Authentication toggle located at the bottom of the editor.


    Adding the passkey progressive enrollment adaptive script, modifies the authentication flow to include only the Username & Password and Passkey authenticators in the first step. If you need to include other authenticators in the first step, make sure to add them manually. Learn more in How it works.

  4. Click Update to save your changes.

How it works

Shown below is the conditional authentication template for passkey progressive enrollment.

var onLoginRequest = function(context) {
    executeStep(1, {
        onFail: function(context) {
            var authenticatorStatus = context.request.params.scenario;

            // Passkey progressive enrollment flow trigger
            if (authenticatorStatus != null && authenticatorStatus[0] == 'INIT_FIDO_ENROLL') {
                var filteredAuthenticationOptions = filterAuthenticators(context.steps[1].options, 'FIDOAuthenticator');
                executeStep(1, {
                    stepOptions: {
                        markAsSubjectIdentifierStep: 'true',
                        markAsSubjectAttributeStep: 'true'
                    authenticationOptions: filteredAuthenticationOptions
                }, {
                    onSuccess: function(context) {
                        // Trigger FIDO Authenticator for Passkey enrollment
                        executeStep(1, {
                            stepOptions: {
                                forceAuth: 'true'
                            authenticationOptions: [{
                                authenticator: 'FIDOAuthenticator'
                        }, {});

Let's look at how this script works:

  1. If the user chooses Sign In With Passkey and consents to passkey enrollment, an onFail event is triggered. The parameter scenario returns the value INIT_FIDO_ENROLL, uniquely identifying the passkey enrollment request.

  2. The filterAuthenticators() method takes the configured list of authenticators in the first step and the authenticator to be excluded and returns the list of authenticators excluding the Passkey authenticator(FIDOAuthenticator).

  3. The user is then prompted for the first step of the authentication flow with authenticationOptions set to the list of filtered authenticators from the above step.

  4. After successful authentication with an alternative authenticator, the script re-triggers the passkey authenticator. This allows users to seamlessly proceed with passkey enrollment.