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Configure unique attributes

WSO2 Identity Server can be configured to retain the uniqueness of user attributes. This allows you to keep a user attribute value as a unique value within or across all userstores.

Follow the steps below to configure:

  1. Open the deployment.toml file in the <IS_HOME>/repository/conf folder and add the following configurations.

    enable = true
    scope_within_userstore = false # Optional.


    To keep the uniqueness within a userstore, set scope_within_userstore as true.

  2. Restart the WSO2 Identity Server.

  3. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, go to User Attributes & Stores > Attributes.
  4. Click Attributes to see the list of attributes.
  5. Click Edit for the attribute you want to update.
  6. Go to the Additional Properties tab and add the following property to configure the attribute's uniqueness.

    Property Name Property Value
    isUnique true


  7. Finally, click + button and Update to save the additional property.

You can now verify the functionality by attempting to add users with an existing attribute value or updating the user attribute value of an existing user.