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Register an OpenID Connect web app

To integrate your web application with WSO2 Identity Server using OpenID Connect, you need to first register your web application as an OpenID Connect web application in WSO2 Identity Server. A client ID and client secret are issued to the application upon registration.

Follow the instructions given below.

Register the app

To register the app:

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, go to Applications.

  2. Click New Application and select Traditional Web Application.

    Select app type

  3. Enter the following details:

    Create a new web app

    Parameter Description
    Name A unique name to identify your application.

    The access configuration protocol used to log in to the application with SSO.

    Select OpenID Connect.
    Authorized redirect URLs

    The URL to which the authorization code is sent upon user authentication and where the user is redirected upon logout.

    To comply with RFC 8252 section 7.3, the redirect URL in the request does not need to have an exact port match with the authorized redirect URL if it is a loopback redirect URL.
    Only URLs with loopback IP addresses ( and [::1] not localhost) are supported for this feature.

    Click Add Now if you want to try a sample app.
    Allow sharing with organizations Enable this to share the new application with all or any selected B2B organizations that belong to your primary organization.

  4. Click Register to complete the registration.


    If you have enabled Allow sharing with organizations while registering the application, you will see a popup window with the following options.

    Share the application with organizations

    Option Description
    Share with all organizations If selected, the application will be shared with all existing organizations and any new organizations you may create in the future.
    Share with only selected organizations If selected, you can select the organizations you wish to share the application with.

Get the client ID and secret

When you register your web application, a client ID and client secret are generated. Your web application will identify itself to WSO2 Identity Server with these credentials.

You can get this client ID and client secret from the Protocol tab of the application, as shown below.

Get client ID and secret of webapp

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