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Register a standard-based application

When you integrate an application with WSO2 Identity Server, the first step is to register your app from the WSO2 Identity Server Console. If you choose the standard-based application type when you register your app, it allows you to configure the protocol settings (OIDC, SAML or WS-Federation) from scratch.

You can also use the standard-based application type in the following scenarios:

  • Integrate a web/mobile application with the password grant type. The application types for, single- page applications and, traditional web applications and mobile applications do not support password grant type as it is not recommended.
  • Access the management APIs of WSO2 Identity Server.


Alternatively, you can register using an application type that has configurations optimized for specific applications.

Register an application

To register an application:

  1. On the WSO2 Identity Server Console, go to Applications.
  2. Click New Application and select Standard-Based Application.

    Register a standard-based application

  3. Provide an application name and select the other options based on your requirements.


    • You can choose OIDC, SAML or WS-Federation as the standard protocol for your application. See the complete list of OIDC, SAML and WS-Federation configurations.
    • If you use OIDC, you can configure a management app, which can access the management APIs in WSO2 Identity Server. Learn about invoking management APIs.
  4. Click Register to complete the registration.


    If you have enabled Allow sharing with organizations while registering the application, you will see a popup window with the following options.

    Share the application with organizations

    Option Description
    Share with all organizations If selected, the application will be shared with all existing organizations and any new organizations you may create in the future.
    Share with only selected organizations If selected, you can select the organizations you wish to share the application with.

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