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If you have a business that offers Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions, you need to define the structure of your organization in WSO2 Identity Server so as to represent all your partner/supplier organizations. You can then share your applications and services with your partner/supplier organizations and allow them to manage their own identity and access management requirements.

  • All partner/supplier organizations of your business should be set up as organizations of your organization (root) in WSO2 Identity Server.


    See Manage organizations for instructions.

  • Once the organizations are set up, you should onboard administrators to them. These Administrators can then use a separate administration portal created using WSO2 Identity Server's B2B APIs to manage their respective organizations.


    See Manage administration for instructions.

  • The organization (root) needs to share applications with its organizations so that the users managed by the organizations can log in and use them.


    See Share applications for instructions.

  • Try out a complete B2B use case.


    See Try a B2B use case for instructions.