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Quick Setup

Follow the steps given below to quickly set up and install WSO2 Identity Server on your computer.


For detailed instructions on other installation options and deployments, see the installation guide.

Install the WSO2 Identity Server

Follow the steps given below.

  1. Download and install Oracle Java SE Development Kit (JDK) version 11 or 17.
  2. Go to WSO2 Identity Server official website and click on Download.
  3. Install WSO2 Identity Server by downloading the LATEST RELEASE.


    The installation location of WSO2 Identity Server is referred to as {IS_HOME}.

Start the WSO2 Identity Server

To start WSO2 Identity Server, open a terminal, navigate to the <IS_HOME>/bin folder, and execute one of the following commands:

  • On Linux/MacOS

  • On Windows


Note that the following log appears in the command prompt when the server starts:

QSG start server

Shutting down the server

To shutdown the server, press Ctrl + C. Note that the following log appears in the command prompt on server shutdown.

QSG stop server

Access the Console

Once the server has started, you can access the WSO2 Identity Server console by navigating to the following URL.

https://{Server Host}:{Port}/console

For example, if you are using default settings, the console URL will be https://localhost:9443/console.

You will then be presented with the login screen for the WSO2 Identity Server. Enter admin for both username and password fields to login as the admin user.

Login screen of IS

What's next?

Add login to your application using WSO2 Identity Server or try it on a sample application. Try integrating IS into apps.