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Export profile information

Users can export profile information via the My Account portal as a JSON file by following the steps below.

  1. Sign in to the My Account portal.

  2. Click Personal Info and go to Export Profile.

  3. Click Download the profile to export the user profile information.

    Export user profile information

    Sample JSON file

    This is a sample json file of an exported user profile.

       "user_profile": {
          "accountState": "UNLOCKED",
          "emailVerified": "true",
          "country": "SriLanka",
          "givenname": "firstname",
          "created": "2021-04-07T15:07:58.001440Z",
          "modified": "2023-04-25T04:31:05.838894Z",
          "emailaddress": "[email protected]",
          "userid": "36d2dd61-6e58-4b54-bfbe-f8621236c88b",
          "username": "[email protected]",
          "lastname": "Jerry"