About this release

WSO2 Identity Server 5.11.0 is the latest WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS) release and is the successor of WSO2 Identity Server 5.10.0.

What's new in this release

New features and enhancements

WSO2 IS 5.11.0 contains the following new features and enhancements:

Beta features

  • React-based console application with developer and administrator views to manage and maintain the features offered by WSO2 Identity Server. This is an ongoing effort to improve the user experience with the product.

  • Tenant-qualified URLs with the option of switching to tenant qualified endpoints, which consistently qualifies every URL/endpoint of WSO2 Identity Server with the tenant in a path parameter. This improves flexibility for tenant-wise sharding and branding compared to previous releases.

  • Managing CORS configurations tenant-wise is possible with this release as the CORS configurations can now be made at application level and enforced at tenant level.

Deprecated Features

  • /identity/connect/register API
  • OAuth 1.0

For more information, see What Has Changed:Deprecated Features and WSO2 Identity Server Feature Deprecation.

Fixed issues

Refer below for the improvements and bug fixes available with this release.

Known issues

For a complete list of open issues related to the WSO2 Identity Server runtime, see WSO2 IS Runtime - Open Issues.