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Associating User Accounts

WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS) allows you to associate multiple accounts you may have, and switch between accounts once you associate accounts. WSO2 IS also allows you to connect your federated user credentials with your WSO2 Identity Server account. This topic provides instructions on how to associate all your user accounts to the account with which you have logged on.


If you want to associate user accounts of federated users via the user portal, add the following configuration to the /repository/conf/deployment.toml file.

enable_for_federated_users = true

The recommended approach is to have the enable_for_federated_users parameter set to false so that manual federated user association is not allowed by default via the user portal.

Follow one of the two approaches below to associate all your user accounts:

Using the AdminService

The first approach is to use the AdminService . You can access this admin service using the following URL: ' https://<HOST_NAME>:9443/services/UserAccountAssociationService?wsdl '. If you are new to admin services, see Calling Admin Services.

The following actions can be performed using above admin service.

  • Create a new user account association
  • Delete an existing user account association
  • Get all associated user accounts of the logged in user
  • Switch between associated user accounts without re-authenticate with the system

Using the user portal

The WSO2 Identity Server My Account can be used to associate the accounts. You can associate a local user account or a federated user account. See Linked Accounts under User Portal for details.