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Enforcing Signature Validation for Request Objects

The tutorial Passing OIDC Authentication Request Parameters in a Request Object describes how you can pass OIDC authentication request parameters in a request object via WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS). Request objects can either be signed or unsigned. Therefore, if you want to only accept signed request objects in an authorization request, you need to enable request object signature validation in the OAuth/OIDC configuration of the service provider.

This tutorial walks you through the steps you need to follow to enforce signature validation for request objects.

Follow the steps below to configure a service provider to only accept request objects that are signed:

  1. Start WSO2 Identity Server and access the Management Console via https://localhost:9443/carbon/.

  2. Navigate to Service Providers>Add, enter a name for the new service provider and click Register.

  3. Expand the Inbound Authentication Configuration section, then expand the OAuth2/OpenID Connect Configuration, and click Configure.

  4. Select Enable Request Object Signature Validation to enforce signature validation for request object.

  5. Click Add.

To verify that signature validation is successfully enforced, send a plain JWT instead of a signed one in the authorization code grant request.

If signature validation is successfully enforced, the request should get rejected and you should see an error page as follows: