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Usernames in WSO2 Identity Server

Selecting a good username is important as it is a prime link to your identity. Hence, make sure to adhere to the following best practices when creating usernames.

Best practices for username creation

  • A username should be easy to remember and difficult to guess.
  • Make sure the username does not give any hints to guess your password.
  • It is better to avoid using combinations of special characters such as ', ", ,, ., :, and ; as they may be difficult to distinguish when being read.

Restricted special characters in usernames

The following is a list of characters that have been reserved for other purposes. These characters should not used in usernames except for the intended purpose.

Character Reserved Purpose
@ For specifying the tenant to which the user belongs
/ For specifying the userstore which holds the user's data

Unsupported special characters in usernames

Note that the use of special characters \, !, (, ), *, ~, <, >, and whitespaces is not supported in this version of WSO2 Identity Server.