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Configuring Role-Based Adaptive Authentication

This tutorial demonstrates how you can set up role-based adaptive authentication with WSO2 Identity Server (WSO2 IS).

To understand how to set up role-based adaptive authentication with WSO2 IS, let's consider a scenario where you want a user who has an administrator role to perform an additional level of authentication while any other user can just provide their credentials (basic authentication) to access a resource.

Here, you will use a sample application named to deploy and set up sample authenticators required to try out the scenario.


Before you begin

Configuring the sample scenario

  1. Log in to the management console and create a new user named 'Alex'. Do not assign any roles.
  2. Navigate to Service Providers>List and click Edit on the service provider.
  3. Expand the Local and Outbound Configuration section and click Advanced Authentication.
  4. Expand Script Based Conditional Authentication.
  5. Click Templates on the right side of the Script Based Conditional Authentication field and then click Role-Based.
    role based authentication template
  6. Click Ok. The authentication script and authentication steps are configured. The authentication script defines a conditional step that executes the second authentication step (i.e., hardware key authenticator) only if the user belongs to an 'admin' or 'manager' role.

  7. The authentication steps added are totp and fido . However, these are authentication steps that you would normally use in production. To try out sample authenticators with the sample application, delete the two authenticators and add the following sample authenticators instead.

    1. Click Delete to remove the totp and fido authenticators from Step 2 (the second authentication step).

      delete authenticators

    2. Select Demo Hardware Key Authenticator and click Add.
      add new authenticator

    3. Click Update.

Testing the sample scenario

  1. Access the following sample PickUp application URL:

  2. Click Login and enter admin/admin credentials.  You are prompted to use the hardware key after basic authentication according to the authentication step defined in the JavaScript above.
    pickup sign in

  3. Enter the 4 digit key given on the screen and click Sign In.
    hardware key authenticator

  4. Next, log out of the application and log in again as 'Alex'. Note that this user is not assigned to any role. You will see that authentication is successful only after going through the basic authentication step.
    pickup homepage