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Exporting User Data from WSO2 Identity Server

  1. Download scim-bulk-user-export-tool from here.


    The SCIM2 Users endpoint used by the scim-bulk-user-export-tool mentioned above, does not support pagination and can only be used with smaller user bases.

  2. Extract the downloaded .zip file.

  3. Run the script inside the extracted directory.


  4. Provide the host address of the WSO2 Identity Server instance.


    If you are getting data from the super-tenant, you only need to provide the host address of the instance

    (E.g. For a local instance https://localhost:9443).

    If you are getting data from a tenant, you need to append t/<tenant-domain> to the host address.

    (E.g. For a local instance https://localhost:9443/t/wso2).

  5. Provide the user credentials of a user with the required permissions to call SCIM 2.0 users endpoint.

  6. Provide the location of the CSV file you need to create. This is an optional parameter and by default, the tool will create users.csv in the tool directory.
  7. Select the attributes that need to be filtered. Only the chosen attributes will be specified in the CSV file. This is also an optional input.
  8. Provide the attributes that you need to exclude when creating the CSV file. These attributes will not be included in the CSV file. This is also an optional input.