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Creating a Geolocation Dataset

Follow the procedure below in order to create a geolocation dataset to use when Enabling Geolocation Based Statistics .

  1. Create an account in and download the GeoLite2 City: CSV Format as a ZIP file.
  2. Download the geoip-2-csv-converter from depending on your operating system.

Prepare the database entries

  1. Unzip the latest CSV file and the geoip-2-csv-converter you have downloaded in the previous step.
  2. Run the file using the command below.

  3. Enter the path to the extracted GeoLite2-City-Blocks-IPv4 directory which you downloaded first, as the response for Enter path to GeoLite2-City-Blocks-IPv4 directory:

    • E.g : /<PATH_TO>/GeoLite2-City-CSV_20200310

    • Enter the path to the geoip2-csv-converter directory as the response for Enter path to geoip2-csv-converter home directory:

      E.g : /<PATH_TO>/geoip2-csv-converter-v1.1.0

    • After executing the script, you can find the final.csv file inside your current directory.

      ** get first column form original
      ** change column name to ‘network_cidr’
      ** Extract ip address data
      ** change column name to ‘network_blocks’
      ** extract entries from original cut: /home/user/xxx/geoip2-csv-converter-v1.1x.0/GeoLite2-City-Blocks-IPv4-converted.csv: No such file or directory
      ** change column name to ‘network’
      ** change column name to ‘broadcast’
      ** merge csv files
  4. The created final.csv file and the GeoLite2-City-Locations-en.csv file (located in the downloaded latest CSV zip file) will be used in the next step.