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Password History Validation

Recording user password history can provide better security for user accounts. Through the WSO2 Identity Server, you can keep a history of the user's past passwords according to a preconfigured count. This enables you to prevent users from using passwords they have used in the recent past. For example, if you configure a count of 5 passwords, users will be prevented from reusing their last 5 passwords as the current password. Follow the steps below to configure the count.

  1. Login to the management console.
  2. Click Resident under Identity Providers in the Main tab of the management console.
  3. Expand the Password Policies tab.
  4. Expand the Password History tab and select Enable Password History Feature. Specify the Password History Validation Count and click Update.


    To configure this separately for different tenants in a multi-tenant environment, first login with Tenant A credentials and configure the password policy. Next, logout and login again with Tenant B credentials to configure a different policy for Tenant B.


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By default, the claim values of the identity claims used in this feature are stored in the JDBC datasource based on a configuration. See Configuring Claims for more information on how to store the claim values in the user store.